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About Us

WorkFaith Birmingham is a Christ-centered initiative designed to help churches join together to address urgent physical & spiritual poverty in the urban areas of Birmingham. WorkFaith Birmingham is an Alabama non-profit corporation founded in September of 2013. 

Our Specialty

We specialize in helping adults in transition develop confidence and life skills to become employable – essentially helping them build a new life through work and faith. There are 4 keys to this process at WorkFaith Birmingham:

1. Equip the unemployed to get/keep a job
2. Develop a Biblical work ethic/worldview
3. Connect them with potential employers
4. Develop support systems for long-term growth & health

Each participant with be supported by a Pathway to Success Coach & a team that will encourage them as they develop a Life Development Plan while attending a two-week job preparation workshop from 9am – 4pm. Adults who are struggling to get a job will be equipped to speak the truth about their past, to fill out an application correctly, to get and keep a job, and to eventually move towards home ownership- all with the constant support of churches, professionals, and the WorkFaith Family!

Our Mission

Give adults in transition an opportunity to develop the confidence and life skills needed to become employable.

Our Vision

Create a city where all people can utilize their God-given capabilities to provide for themselves, their families, and others in need while living a life of integrity.