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Participate in Program

Dr. Ruby Payne, author of A Framework For Understanding Poverty, informs us that no one gets out of generational poverty or moves into a new socio-economic status without the help of a mentor. Certainly WorkFaith Birmingham is wired to provide job and skills training, character development, and potential employers to participants in the program. But the key cog that makes the WorkFaith wheel turn is an army of volunteers who love God and are committed to loving and mentoring those who are in the program. The Workshop, training, and mock interviews will come and go, but the friendships and networks that will be formed in this program will prove to be vital and will last for years!


 Below are the steps to participating in the program, beginning with our Informational Meetings.
  1. Attend an Informational Meeting to learn about WorkFaith Birmingham’s services. Meetings are held at our office every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am. You will learn how we can help you obtain and keep a full time job, as well as determine your eligibility for membership.
  2. Complete an Application for Membership and schedule a time for a brief interview for us to learn more about your needs.
  3. Attend the Workshop. The Workshop is nine days long, and run from 9am-4pm. Workshop classes will be held every month. Missing any part of the eight days will require you to drop out of the workshop and reschedule for another workshop.
  4. Graduate from the Workshop and receive your WorkFaith Birmingham certificate of completion!
  5. Begin meeting with your Pathway to Success group. These meetings take place weekly, and are geared to support you in your job search, career and character development.