Charles Gearhart

Volunteer Mock Interviewer of 195+ WorkFaith clients

As a supervisor and then manager in the private sector for 38 years, I conducted hundreds of job interviews and was struck by how few of the people I interviewed were prepared for the interview. I remember leaving most interviews with the impression that most of the people that attended the hiring session had no chance of getting a decent job with their interview skills. WorkFaith has done an excellent job of preparing their students and there are not many better feelings in the world than leaving an interview session confident that these individuals have a great chance at acing the interview that will start them on a career that will take them back into the fight.


Serve With Us

Whether you’re an individual with a wealth of career-based experience or work in an industry that may be of interest to our program attendees, we are always looking for volunteers to support us. If you’re passionate about faith and enthusiastic about helping others, get in touch with our team today to find out how you could be of service.

How You Can Help

Alongside volunteer positions, we’re always seeking donations to support our cause and allow us to better serve the people that need us most. We gratefully accept donations from individuals as well as from companies and fundraisers. Get in touch today to find out how your donation could help us.

Mock Interviewer

Conduct mock interviews with our classes. Experienced interviewers give up to 3 hours on a weekday, as available.
(Hiring and management experience required)


Help us proofread resumes and other interview documents for our students in preparation for their mock interviewers.

Guest Presenter

Conduct a workshop module for our students.

Want to donate to WorkFaith Birmingham? All donations we receive go towards our participants' betterment and the improvement of the service we offer. However much you’d like to donate, or if you’d like to discuss a fundraiser or campaign, get in touch with us today. We greatly appreciate all donations we receive.