3 Tips to Applying Faith to Your Everyday Life

You wake up early, go to bed late, and work hard in between. It’s easy to think about God on Sunday, but the daily grind often distracts us from welcoming faith into more parts of our lives.

Even though it takes some patience, practicing faith every day will make your work more fulfilling and God-honoring. We’ll be walking you through 3 tips for applying faith to your everyday life that we have found to be helpful.

#1: Take time to be humbled and thankful.

According to the Bible, “faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” (Heb. 11:1, NIV). Faithfulness means living in confidence and hope, and one of the best ways to find those things is in humble, thankful reflection.

For a moment, forget all your complaints and take an honest look at yourself. We’re all imperfect people who are blessed beyond measure by the perfect God of the universe. Allow that realization to humble you, and then spend some time thanking God for His grace and generosity.

The goal of this is to put your confidence and hope not in who you are, but rather in God’s promises for you.


#2: Pray little prayers.

A busy life is the #1 distraction from prayer. Jesus saw prayer as so essential that He prayed right before He was betrayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. In fact, the early church was tasked to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17, NIV). How are we supposed to pray non-stop if most of us can’t even find 5 minutes to pray throughout the day?

Put small reminders throughout your day to draw your attention back to prayer. Every time you are reminded, spend just a few seconds praying about whatever is on your mind. The more you practice this, the more it will become a habit.

#3: Let go of the things you can’t control.

Control is something that Americans in particular have a hard time giving up. We want to control our careers, our time, our children, our living situations… anything that we deem “ours,” we feel like we should have mastery over.

Like we said earlier, faithfulness isn’t about you. It’s about God, and trusting Him to do what He says He’s going to do. God’s plan might not look 100% like your plan, but it will 100% be better than your plan.

Letting go of control doesn’t mean giving up completely. God has given you your job, your loved ones, and your community, and His command to all of us is to love them and serve them faithfully. However, when it comes to daily life and worries about our future, we’re less likely to put our faith in anyone but ourselves.

By genuinely giving your worries and ambitions to Jesus, you’re admitting that you’re not in control, but that you’re placing your faith in the one person who is.

As you start putting faith in your everyday life, don’t forget that faithfulness takes discipline, and that there’s forgiveness for the times you are less than faithful. If you’re looking to reconnect your work with your faith, we’re always looking for volunteers that can help our career workshop attendees by offering professional advice and mentorship.

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Get out there and find ways to practice faith not just Sunday, but every day.