Empowered Through Work: Interview with Anna: WorkFaith Birmingham Client Alumni

Last week, we highlighted the importance of ministry partners in our mission of “Empowering Lives Through Work and Faith,” and we shared how Patricia built her confidence as she continued to work toward a dream career. Today, we’d like to share about how we partner with another critical ministry, The WellHouse, who rescues and provides opportunities for restoration for female victims of human trafficking. Please take a moment to read Anna’s story and see how she transformed from “I did not think I had much to offer” to “I truly enjoy my work!”

Anna, tell us about your employment success since graduating from WorkFaith’s job readiness workshop.

The workshop gave me the confidence I needed to apply for employment and to be successful in interviews. I have set goals for myself and have been working two jobs for almost 12 months now. I am working as a Sales Associate in a toy shop in a wonderful family-oriented community. Sewing is my passion, and I also work at home in the evenings creating accessories for college sororities. 

What did you learn or practice during the WorkFaith workshop that helped you succeed in your job search, application, or interview?

I learned so much about how to prepare for a job interview. The WorkFaith instructors taught me not only how to frankly address difficult questions about my troubled background, but also how to present myself. There are things that seem so simple but that have significant impact, such as posture, eye contact, grooming, and appropriate clothes.

Would you mind sharing about one challenge that WorkFaith staff helped you to overcome?

Definitely self-confidence, especially when talking about poor decisions I made in the past and difficult circumstances that were out of my control. Because of my past, I did not think I had much to offer. The workshop assignments helped me see that I had skills and personal characteristics that employers value, and awareness of those values helped me in the interview. They have helped me be successful on the job, too.  

We would love to know about your relationship with the Lord as well. Can you share with us how God has used WorkFaith to encourage you to walk closer with him? 

Bible studies are a part of the WorkFaith workshop, and those studies showed me for the first time God’s plan for work. The Bible instructs us to work and to be fruitful in our work. I truly enjoy my work!

Is there anything else you would like to share for those who are not familiar with WorkFaith?

I was nervous about starting the workshop because I did not know what to expect and did not have much confidence in myself. But the Instructors are amazing. They know so much about how to write resumes and how to be successful in job interviews. They are so compassionate and encouraging. We worked hard in the classroom, but they made it fun! 

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