How to Stay Positive During Unemployment

Unemployment can be a scary time. Your newfound free time is only nice for the first few days, and then the fear of uncertainty and finding your next job start to set in.

Staying positive during this time can be a real challenge, but we’re here to encourage you to keep your head up during unemployment and provide some helpful, practical tips along the way.

Maintain a Schedule

When you were at your job, you had a set schedule that kept you accountable to your daily tasks; but now that you’re unemployed, your whole day can seem open-ended. If you’re undisciplined about how you spend your time, you could end up wasting your day away or sinking into negative thoughts.

Instead, create a schedule that makes time for you to complete the tasks you want and need to get done. Get up and go to bed at the same time every night, schedule a certain amount of time for lunch in the afternoons, and make sure job searching makes up a portion of your day.

Scheduling helps to keep our minds on track, making sure we stay productive throughout unemployment. When you see what you can accomplish on your own, it’ll be easier to be positive about your current situation.

Try Something New

If you try to force yourself to spend all day finding a new job, you’ll quickly burn yourself out. Instead, make a little time each day to do things you’ve always wanted to do. As soon as you’re in your next job, you won’t be able to finish other projects as easily as you could when you were unemployed.

The skills you develop when you try new things can also potentially go on your resume, but even if not, it will show your potential employers that you are hardworking and willing to learn. Plus, the fruits of your labor will help you to stay active, motivating you and keeping your spirits up.

Focus on What’s True

It’s normal to look back and try to make sense of unemployment, but when we’re upset, we can easily turn an honest analysis of the situation into an opportunity to get down on ourselves. Yes, you’re unemployed, but that fact should not make you devalue yourself. Instead, focus on the facts and what you know to be true.

Here’s some facts to get you started:

  • You’re not alone. At any point, millions of Americans have filed for unemployment. These are talented, wonderful people… just like you!
  • There are many factors that go into unemployment. It can be caused by budget issues with your former employer, and the amount of time you spend unemployed can be exacerbated by a rough job market.

Stay Social

Unemployment can be lonely. When you’re used to seeing coworkers all day, spending your weekdays alone can seem isolating. Being around people can help you stay inspired. Take the initiative and start networking!

Networking keeps you up-to-date in your industry and will connect you to new companies, opportunities, and people. Try reaching out to others in your field. Invite them to lunch, learn from them, and allow their stories to motivate your job search.

If you take anything away from this blog, remember this: Positivity is a choice. Unemployment will be negative if you make it negative, but with a little positivity, it can become the next stepping stone to a long and fulfilling career.
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