Interview with Ray’Darius Herrod: Attendee at the Second Chance Hiring Fair

Giving is talked about a lot this time of year, but what is often overlooked is the people that need to be empowered through work and faith. Between now and the end of the year, WorkFaith Birmingham is focusing on how your gifts are impacting lives across our city.

See how events like the Second Chance Jefferson County Hiring Fair have helped many people overcome employment barriers.

Here is our interview with 2nd Chance Jefferson County Hiring Fair attendee Ray’Darius Herrod.

1. How Did You Find Out About the 2nd Chance Jefferson County Hiring Fair?

I heard the advertisement on the radio one day on 95.7. I also heard about it, later on, that night on Fox 6.

2. What Was Your Experience Like at the Hiring Fair?

It was nothing like I expected. It was very fast-paced but was surprised to see how well it was organized. I expected chaos, crowds, long lines, and people running around like chickens with their heads cut off. But I could see that a lot of work went into making this event a success.

3. How Was the Hiring Fair Helpful to You?


Because the event was so well organized, it made it very easy for me to be able to have multiple opportunities to meet different employers. It was a great atmosphere, and it was simple to be able to talk with a lot of people so that I could find out what was the best fit for me. The organization was the most important thing to make it simple for me.

4. What Were Some Specific Challenges You Faced That the Hiring Fair Helped You Overcome?

The best thing about this fair is that the people there were willing to listen. The employers there were more interested in the person than just filling a job. I didn’t get the feeling of just being another new employee. The employers were interested in me and finding out if we were a good fit.

5. What Is Your Career Like Now Since You Interviewed at the Hiring Fair?

The cool thing is that I was able to use the skills that I had picked up outside of work to be able to get a great job. I had worked on cars for a long time, and Jim Burke hired me to work on them. I get paid to work on them now. The job fair helped me to meet an employer that was willing to listen to the skills that I had. I also got a second job at night at the 2CHF. I am helping on the cleaning crew at night at UAB.

6. What Would You Say to Someone That Is Facing Similar Challenges That You Overcame if They Were Considering Coming to a Future Hiring Fair?

Make sure you don’t miss the date. Listen to the radio. Listen to the TV. Look out for the ads. You can really make something happen at the 2CHF. I’ve already told some people to be listening for the next event.

7. Is There Anything That You Think Would Be Beneficial to Other People at Future Hiring Fairs?

Yeah. Make it more than just twice a year. Something like this needs to be every month. If it gets too big, you can get a bigger venue. Everything was great.

Starting on Giving Tuesday, November 30, and ending on December 31, we aim to have 150 people sponsored for our workshops ($50,000+). We’ll keep you updated on our progress and on the number of lives that you are impacting.

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