Simple Habits that Show Employers You’re a Quick Learner

Team player, natural leader, creative thinker… all of these things are what employers are looking for in new recruits, but perhaps the most requested quality is being a quick learner. Even if you don’t have every single qualification, learning quickly means you can do just about any job.

Showing that you learn quickly doesn’t mean you just have to talk about yourself, though. There are habits you can take up now to show your learning aptitude through experience.


Some of the most common interview questions surround what you’ve read. By making reading a habit, you’ll always be learning something new and have new insights to share in interviews and apply to your new job. 


Reading doesn’t just mean books, though. Try reading articles from trade publications or reading research from others in your industry. Your employers will be impressed at your ability to keep up with the most cutting-edge knowledge out there… seemingly without trying!

Find educational experiences

Education is important, but you don’t have to be enrolled in higher education to display your fast learning. You can put certifications and online course completions in the education section of your resume, so find the topics you think would be most relevant to your field and take courses on them. Doing this every so often will give potential employers the impression that you’re always on to something new!

Take notes

Note taking is a practice that will be both beneficial for you and for your reputation as a quick learner. Take notes in an interview, in a meeting, and even when having a brief discussion with a coworker. Doing so will allow you to look back on notes, keep up with your work history and to-do list, and also show others that you’re an attentive listener. Because listening and learning go hand in hand, you’ll learn a lot about your company and the work you do simply by keeping good notes.

Get to know yourself

Knowing yourself and understanding how you learn will help you learn faster, and others will take notice. Take a quiz to discover your learning style or find a personality test to get to know yourself from a different point of view. Interviewers often ask you to describe yourself, and the more you know yourself, the better you can answer those questions and demonstrate that you’re not just interested in learning the next hottest industry trend, but that you’re also making yourself a more professional worker.

In conclusion, there are lots of ways that you can display your ability to learn quickly. In the workplace as in life, actions speak louder than words, and these actions will help you speak about your learning skills very loudly.
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