The Secret to Making a Good First Impression at Work

You’ve heard it before, but it’s true: Good first impressions are vitally important. A bad first impression can ruin a relationship before one was even built. Even though they’re very important, surely no one can have a good first impression all the time, right?

There’s no formula to control how people think of you, but there is a secret to making a good first impression at work. Read our guide on making a good first impression, and you’ll start out your work relationships on the right foot!

Be confident

Confidence is a quality that is very obvious. Chances are, you can tell when someone is feeling confident and when they’re not. If you’re making a first impression, you might feel a little nervous, but try to remind yourself that you have a lot to be confident in.

Confidence in yourself will show others right away that they can have confidence in you. It puts others at ease and makes you a more fun person to talk to. Of course, be respectful and humble, but don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and get to know your coworkers.


Even though you’ll probably feel like all eyes are on you, people are hardwired to think of themselves first. Instead of focusing on your own story, show that you are interested in getting to know others. Remember their name, and listen to what they say.

Everyone likes to be listened to, and it’s not hard to tell when someone is tuning you out. By listening to new people, you can learn a lot about your workplace very quickly, all while making the impression that you are a conscientious person.

Carry yourself well

Carrying yourself is a phrase that many people use to indicate your general manner of behavior. If someone carries themself well, it means they are well-dressed and well-groomed, use good posture, and make eye contact.

first impression

While formality may depend on your workplace, being professional and holding yourself to a standard of behavior is always appreciated. It will show your new coworkers that you are deserving of respect and a valuable addition to the team.

Spread positivity

Employees that have worked at a company longer are usually more comfortable saying negative things about the workplace, but you shouldn’t let this lure you into a false sense of security. Instead, respond to negativity with optimism, and turn the topic of conversation toward something uplifting.

People subconsciously associate a sunshiny attitude with a positive experience, so just by keeping the conversation upbeat, you can secure your first impression as a good one.

All four of these tactics can be summed up in the one secret to making a good first impression: In every interaction, be intentional. When you are talking, do so in an encouraging way that humbly displays your own value. When you’re listening, genuinely show an interest in what the other person is saying. Keeping these simple things in mind will make every impression a good one.
Good first impressions take practice, though. If you’re trying to find your way in the job market, WorkFaith may be right for you. We’re experts in equipping our graduates with the tools, connections, and skills they need to make their next big career step. Read more about our work here.