When Should I Follow Up After A Job Interview?

You just finished up a job interview and the interviewer told you, “We will get back to you in a couple of weeks.” Now, you are left to sit and wonder whether you will get the job. You think the company and the job will be a good fit, so you are hoping to hear a “yes.” Two weeks pass and you have not heard anything yet. You are left wondering what your future might hold. Should you follow up?

You should not give up hope on getting an offer even if it is past the deadline of when they said they would get back to you. People are busy and hiring may not be a company’s only priority at the time of your interview. Following up after a job interview is a great way to show your motivation and interest in the role!

Following up is best done via email. Chances are you already have the email address of the hiring manager, recruiter, or human resources representative from setting up the interview, so this is your best way to get in touch with them afterward too.

Two Times Are Critical for Follow Up

Within 48 Hours

There are two points after a job interview in which you can use the follow-up to your advantage. First, you should follow up as soon as possible after the interview with a thank you note to the person or people you interviewed with. Following up with a short thank you email within 48 hours of your interview can help you stand out in two ways.

First, companies may conduct dozens of interviews to fill a role. Sending a thank you email after your interview can help the interviewer(s) remember you and reinforce the things you said in your interview. Second, hiring managers may be left wondering if a candidate is truly excited about the company and the job. They do not want to spend their time interviewing someone who might ultimately say “no” to an offer, so following up can also make it clear that you are excited about the job and would like to work for the company.

In your thank-you note, be sure to thank the interviewer(s) for their time by name and share what excites you about the role. Including a thoughtful reference to something that you discussed in the interview can go a long way in showing that you truly are interested in the position.

Two Weeks Later

Most hiring managers will know within a couple of weeks what next steps they want to take in the hiring process. The next steps could include additional interviews and tests or, even better, a job offer. Following up with the hiring manager or recruiter after two weeks can ensure that you are not forgotten about in the process.

As mentioned, people are busy, so a short and polite email can prompt the appropriate person to provide an update to you and other candidates about the status of the job. In your follow-up email, restate that you are excited to learn more about the job and you hope to hear back soon.

Even if you do not get the timing exactly right, a follow-up email can still be the unspoken key to your hiring process. Companies like to see a proactive candidate who is interested in the job. Knowing when to follow up can keep you from second-guessing your fate after an interview. Click here for more info.